Auto Dealer Insurance

auto dealer insurance

As an auto dealer, you have auto dealer insurance needs that many other types of businesses never have to even think about. Your inventory alone is a major expense and without the right Auto Dealer Insurance coverage, can quickly turn into a huge liability. If even a portion of your inventory is garaged outdoors (and for most dealers this represents the vast majority of their vehicles), the elements alone can wreak havoc on your inventory.


What would you do if some or all of those brand new cars were ever damaged by hail or debris in a bad storm? What if some of them were vandalized? The considerations are endless and they are all very real. A Car Dealer Insurance policy will fully protect you and your company in the event of any kind of mishap and help you avoid major financial losses resulting from any incurred liabilities.


Don’t risk the multiplied thousands of dollars one unforeseen circumstance can cost to fix. Call or click to find out how Colstan & Associates Inc can help protect your investments of not just your inventory, but your facility, employees and all relevant property and equipment with an auto dealers policy today.