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Auto Repair Shop Insurance

Why Adding Garagekeepers Coverage is a Smart Business Move

auto repair shop insurance

At Colstan & Associates, we have more than 20 years of experience in the Auto Repair Shop Insurance business. Our superior customer service ensures our clients have access to the best insurance coverage at the most affordable rates.

As a leader in the industry, we have extensive knowledge of insurance for small and large businesses. One of our areas of expertise is insuring auto-related businesses, including Garagekeepers coverage. This type of coverage is an additional line of insurance, that offers protection to the owner of the business for cars that are left in the care of the insured business owner. Although Garagekeepers coverage is an optional line of insurance, we strongly believe it is the smart choice for all auto-related businesses.

Time and again, we’ve seen instances where auto businesses aren’t adequately insured when it comes to the cars left in their care.

Take this all-too-common scenario, for example:

A customer drops her automobile off at your garage for some much-needed maintenance. The mechanic spends hours working on the car, diagnosing the problems and making all the necessary repairs. Before the car is returned to the customer, the mechanic rightfully wants to take it for a test drive to make sure all the problems have been fixed. As he takes it for a short ride around the corner, a car in front of him makes a short stop and he, unfortunately, slams into the car.

Other scenarios could involve someone breaking into a customer’s car while it’s on your lot, or severe weather causing serious damage to one or more customers’ cars, while they are in your care. In each of these cases, a business’s General Liability policy will not provide enough coverage. 

With Garagekeepers Insurance, your coverage will include premises liability, products liability, automobile liability and automobile physical damage coverages. In addition to customer-owned cars, this coverage can also be extended to automobiles, tow trucks and other company-owned vehicles- whether rented or borrowed.

Another important feature of Garagekeepers Insurance, also known as Auto Repair Shop Insurance, is that it provides the auto-business owner with legal defense coverage. This means any costs incurred by the insured while defending the company against claims and lawsuits, will be covered.

By purchasing a Garagekeepers Insurance policy, you’re taking all the necessary steps to fully protect your entire company. The highly qualified and experienced agents at Colstan & Associates will work with you to customize a Garagekeepers Insurance policy that works best for your company. Contact us today at 631-266-2800 for more information.

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