Bakery Insurance

bakery insurance

You love to bake and you’ve worked hard to get where you are and you want to make sure that your business is protected with bakery insurance. There are more hazards than one might think in a bakery. Injury of a customer on your property, damages to your building’s structure, food spoilage, malfunction of appliances, and loss of income are just a few of them. An insurance policy designed specifically for a bakery includes liability, property, equipment and other essential protections in one comprehensive package.


Leaving gaps in your insurance coverage or not carrying enough to cover every unexpected circumstance can lead to trouble in the event of a lawsuit. You have worked hard to be a success. Just one mishap can equate to devastating personal and financial loss without the right insurance. Call or submit the form below for a free, no obligation quote.


What coverage do you need?

A Business Owners policy will integrate liability and property coverage along with extra coverages essential to making sure your business runs smoothly and is properly insured in the event of a loss.


Liability– You need general liability to cover any injuries a customer may face in the bakery or in the parking lot. You need product liability in case your baked goods are contaminated. In the event you are sued, your policy will pick up lawyers costs, settlements, judgments, and loss of income.


Property– If you own the building, this coverage is essential in case your building is damaged.


Contents– Coverage for appliances, equipment and shelving.


Equipment Breakdown & Loss of Income– If any equipment breaks down and you are forced to close shop, this coverage will cover costs to repair or replace the equipment as well as reimburse you for lost income for the time your business is out of commission.


Loss of Income-Additionally, if you are forced to close shop due to a fire, windstorm, or other covered event, you will be compensated for loss of income temporarily while repairs are being made.


Food Spoilage-If a power outage causes food in refrigerators or freezers to spoil, you will be compensated for the food you can no longer use and must throw away.


How is insurance premium determined?

Revenue, location, and size of the bakery are just some factors that are taken into consideration.


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