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Benefits of Having Umbrella Insurance

Benefits of Having Umbrella Insurance

Here are some benefits of having Umbrella Insurance.

When people get insurance they think of the basics: Homeowners/Renters, Auto
Insurance, and Life Insurance. They think that is all they need. However, they need much
more. Umbrella Insurance, also known as Excess Liability Insurance, is a way to protect
you financially. This can protect someone if they are being sued, they have hit the limit
on their Auto Insurance, or their Homeowner’s Insurance has been reached.


No one truly knows when a situation may arise where you will need the extra cushion in
your life. Umbrella Insurance is just the extra cushion you need in your life. Having this
policy will be able to help when other insurances are limited in their ability to help you. In
other terms it takes care of the gaps in your coverage.

Umbrella Insurance is very affordable and easy to obtain.

It starts by reaching out to Colstan and Associates. When reaching out to us will review all of your policies to see the limits
they set forth for you. We will consider the risks you may face, the value of your assets, and the potential
loss of future income.

From there, we will work out how much coverage you need and give you options to
choose from. Each option will present a price point for you and what it will cover.
Then you chose the option that is best for you! It is as simple as that!

Here at Colstan, we provide all of our clients with support and care, because when you
insure with us you are a part of our family.

Contact us at Colstan or visit us at to learn how we can help you. Here is

We have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn with up to date information on our
services and company. You can also contact us through our website
or call us at 631-266-2800 or 609-451-0844. We look forward to working with you to get
you the best possible coverage for your needs.