Carpenter Insurance

carpenter insurance

Carpenter insurance covers damage to a clients property as well as injuries sustained if an accident occurs on your behalf. Keep in Mind that Carpenter Insurance is not expensive. It is required to be able to perform work in most buildings. Without this insurance, the carpenter will not be able to work or will be asked to leave a job site.

There are many injuries waiting to happen on a job site from board, nails, glass, cords, equipment, electrical wires, all capable of causing injury in the event of a slip or trip. And when customers wander on to sites against your recommendations, they may get hurt when you’re not around to warn them about potential hazards.

Working without adequate insurance is risky for your business and everyone’s health. If someone were severely injured, maimed, or an accident resulted in death, your business would be liable to health costs and vulnerable to law suits. The cost of protective coverage pales in comparison with the exposure to loss of life, business and reputation.

Carpenter Insurance in New York is required since municipalities will not let a contractor work on residential homes. If caught without insurance, the fines are very severe. Protect your business and your hard work. Call or click for a free, no-obligation quote. Colstan & Associates brings you the experience and professionalism you’d expect from a reputable insurance agency with decades of experience.