Commercial Insurance

When most of us think of Commercial Property Insurance, we generally think about buildings, but all the things that comprise your business – your computers, paperwork, furniture, inventory, and so on – are important and all of them need to be protected. A Commercial Property Insurance policy will cover all your business-related property for not just the value at time of loss, but the full replacement cost. In life, there are no guarantees. No matter how responsible we are, accidents still happen. After an accident happens it is too late and just one mishap can lead to devastating personal and financial loss without proper Commercial Property Insurance coverage.


Worried about the cost? Commercial Property Insurance can be scaled to fit the needs of your business and tailored to cover the specific things you want protected, making it easy to control your insurance costs. If you have business property to insure, whether you own or lease the space where you do business, Colstan Insurance has a Commercial Property Insurance plan for you. Don’t delay. Call or click for a free, no-obligation quote.


Over two decades of experience in the insurance business has shown us how many people are dissatisfied with both the quality of service and the high rates that many insurance companies offer. We also know that reviewing your needs prior to renewal of policies is the key to keeping your insurance rates at an affordable level.


Colstan & Associates, Inc. strives to meet the varying needs of our clients and provide top quality service and coverage at affordable rates. This means offering a wide variety of insurance for both large and small businesses, as well as insurance for individuals and families.


Colstan Insurance understands the value of your money and your peace of mind. Let us use our extensive knowledge and experience to provide your business or family with the security that you deserve and expect.

Commercial Insurance