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Convenience Store Insurance

The Convenient Way to Be Protected

convenience store insurance

Many convenience store owners overpay for insurance and still don’t carry the correct coverage for Convenience Store Insurance. If this is you, it could leave you unable to recoup your losses from internal theft and leave your business vulnerable to various liabilities. Repeated claims due to internal theft can increase your Convenience Store Insurance rates significantly. When an employee steals from you, the impact is greater than just a violation of trust. It is important to enforce safety procedures that will reduce the risk of liability and protect your customers.

Employee theft and theft by outside criminals present very different risks. A hold-up by a weapon-yielding burglar can cost much more than items in your store or cash in your register. Your store needs to have insurance to cover the unfortunate injuries that can result from violence.

For these reasons, the correct amount of coverage is essential.

It is our business to take care of all your needs and keep your Convenience Store Insurance costs within reach. Let us assess your current business operations and assist you in preventing employee theft, creating a safety-oriented workplace and ensuring OSHA compliance. The safer the environment, the less risk there will be of liability and the less you will pay in insurance premiums. Call or click for a free, no-obligation quote.

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