Disability Insurance NY

disability insurance NY

Are you a candidate for disability insurance in NY? Are you paying too much for your group health insurance? In these turbulent times and on this changing health insurance landscape, you need to review your group health policy regularly.

Have you been considering offering your employees health insurance but think it would be too expensive right now? Think about it: if you paid your best employee the same as a competitor but the competitor offered health insurance, how likely is it that the employee would leave? In today’s economy it’s practically a guarantee. Statistically, employees pay closer attention to the benefits package than the salary when searching for a new job. If you want to retain good employees that will grow with your company, keeping them happy is very important. In short, you absolutely want to provide health insurance if you can.

Disability Insurance NY Coverage

In today’s economy every penny counts. If you are feeling squeezed by the rising price of group health insurance benefits, it might be time to reassess your provider. Are you receiving the best for your employees and your business? Call or click for a free, no-obligation quote. We will work with you to find a group plan with reasonable deductibles, an extensive provider network and the right coverage to help you maintain your competitive edge.