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Laundromat Insurance

laundromat insurance

There are more hazards than one might think in a laundromat, and covering them requires the business owner to carry Laundromat Insurance. Machine malfunctions, ruined clothing, and slip and fall liabilities, are just a few of these risks. A Business Insurance policy designed specifically for laundromats includes liability, property, equipment and other essential protections, in one comprehensive insurance package. Don’t wait until it is too late to protect your interests. One mishap can devastate your business and destroy everything you have worked so hard to achieve.



A laundromat owner did everything he thought was right. He insured all his equipment – his washers, dryers and pressers. One night, his establishment caught fire. Everything was ruined. The insurance company promptly paid to replace the machines, but his establishment was badly damaged. It was going to be some time before he would be able to open for business again. Unfortunately, the owner neglected to purchase Loss of Income Insurance. If he had, he would have had his expenses paid, including some extra funds to compensate for lost profits, while his business was being readied to reopen. Unfortunately, the business owner went bankrupt and lost his business. Don’t let this happen to your business!


The lesson to be learned here is simple: carrying Laundromat Insurance is crucial for your business. Let Colstan & Associates, Inc. help protect you from all of the risks your business faces. Call or submit the form below to get a free, no obligation quote. We will work hard to provide you with the best possible coverage at the best rate available.



General Liability– In the event of bodily injury or property damage to a customer caused by a service error, legal costs will be covered.


Loss of Use & Business Income– In the event you have to close your business due to repairs, you will be covered for the loss of income.


Property Insurance– Damages to your building and business property are covered. Business property includes washing machines, dryers, computers, furniture and any other equipment that is essential to running your business.