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Manufacturers Insurance

manufacturers insurance

If you find yourself sometimes worrying about the potential liabilities associated with the products you manufacture, you probably need manufacturers insurance? It is a valid concern given all of the variables involved but with a manufacturers insurance policy, you can enjoy the confidence of knowing that you are protected from those unforeseen circumstances and concentrate more on your business.


As the owner of a manufacturing business, each product that comes through the assembly line represents you. Once sold, however, you cannot control how it is used. Misuse of a product can be difficult to prove and when you can’t, the liability is yours in the eyes of the law.


Manufacturers Insurance incorporates liability insurance into other coverage to shield you from product liability lawsuits. It can be tailored to include such coverage features as:


  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Property Protection
  • Business Interruption
  • Umbrella Liability


You may be thinking that you are already adequately covered in these areas by general business insurance. The truth is, most policies will not automatically include features such as product liability and equipment breakdown, and these are major risks at the front and back end of production. Just one mishap can lead to devastating personal and financial losses if you are not wholly and adequately insured. Call or submit the form below to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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