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Protection from the Unpredictable Wrath of Mother Nature

Protection from the Unpredictable Wrath of Mother Nature

Colstan & Associates is Long Island’s Flood Insurance Expert


Homeowners Insurance does not cover damages caused by flooding and Umbrella insurance does not cover it either. Unfortunately, Mother Nature can be unpredictable and Long Island is particularly susceptible to flooding -with over 15% of its residents living in a flood zone.

If you live in a flood zone, Flood Insurance is mandatory. Long Islanders should be aware of the fact that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) changes the flood zone areas frequently.

The largest flood zones on Long Island are found along the South Shore and stretch the entire length of the Island. The most susceptible areas are: Fire Island. Inland, Amityville Harbor, Atlantic Beach, Long Beach, South Oyster Bay, Middle Bay, East Bay, and Montauk Point. However, the North Shore and Peconic are not without their areas of caution. If you can see water on Long Island, you are likely within an area prone to flooding.

Flood Insurance protects your building, property and can include coverage for high-value items such as your water heater and furnace, appliances, carpeting, foundation, anchorage systems, stairs, garage, solar panels, contents of your home and more.

Flood Insurance can be sold by just about any insurance agency and premiums are regulated by FEMA, but having agents that are experienced in understanding both your risk and protection needs, while finding the right value is important.

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