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Reasons to get Bakery Insurance

Reasons to get Bakery Insurance

 Reasons to get Bakery Insurance:


Bakeries are loved throughout the year but especially during the holiday season. It is
important to not leave any gaps in your insurance especially when your business is your
lively hood. That is why we have listed the top five reasons you should get your bakery
insured today!

1. Some gets injured on your property, your baked goods get contaminated,
or in the event you get sued.

  • This can all be covered under liability insurance. There is general and
    product liability. This will help pickup lawyer costs, loss of income, and


2. Something happened to your building (if you own it) and/or something
happens to your appliances, equipment, and shelving.

  • Property and Content insurance will help cover any damage to the building
    or equipment in the event that something happens.


3. If you are forced to close up for any reason and loose income.

  • Loss of income insurance covers any event that causes you to have to
    close your shop for any period of time. Losing your income is difficult for
    any person that is why it is important to be covered.


4. If a power outage happens and your food is no longer edible.

  • There is a food spoilage insurance that compensates you for food that
    must be thrown away.


5. The most important reason is the peace of mind knowing that you are
prepared for any situation that is thrown your way.

We know getting complete coverage can seem overwhelming and expensive, but we
can assure you that we can get you the best price possible. Your insurance premium
will be determined by your revenue, size of the bakery, location, and some other factors
as well.

 We also recommend getting  Workers compensation Insurance, commercial auto insurance
as well!

Workers Compensation Insurance protects the employer from injuries sustains from an employee while working at  your  business.

Did you know that most injuries happen when we least expect it! So having workers compensation insurance is a peace of mind for the business owner, and the best thing it will protect the Bakery owner from any legal issues with the employee. to read up more visit   or call us at 631-266-2800 where a licensed agent can assist.

Commercial Auto Insurance whey do bakeries need commercial auto insurance:

Do you make deliveries?  Do need to pick up goods from  your distributor?  these are reasons whey commercial Auto Insurance is a must for Bakeries.

  1. When making a delivery having a commercial auto policy will protect the business owners for liability, and   if an employee gets into a fender bender and the business will be liable not the store if they have the right limits of coverage. So that is a good reason to call Colstan and Associates today to get the assistance needed.
  2. Most business owners here in NY want to transfer the liability to the business not under their personal names. Also most personal auto insurance carriers might and will decline coverage if vehicle isn’t disclosed that its used for business.

When you contact us we will be more than happy to set up a phone meeting or an in
person meeting to get you everything you need for a price that won’t break the bank.

Here at Colstan we provide all of our clients with support and care because when you
insure with us you are a part of our family.

Contact us at Colstan to learn how we can help you.

We have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn with up to date information on our
services and company. You can also contact us through our website
or call us at 631-266-2800 or 609-451-0844. We look forward to working with you to get
you the best possible coverage for your needs.