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Reasons to Have Home Owners Insurance

Reasons to Have Home Owners Insurance

Many people wonder why they need homeowners insurance. A lot of the time
people look at it as an extra cost that they don’t need. While we understand the need
and want to save money this is something you don’t want to miss out on. With the
holiday season fast approaching there are more dangers to consider. There can be an
overload on the electric as you decorate for the holidays, causing the electric to fail or
worse a fire. With the colder weather there can be a snowstorm that could cause trees
to break or cause other issues in the home. During the rest of the year fires, lightning
storms, hurricanes, and much more can affect your home.

That is why we have listed the top five reasons to make sure your home is insured,
besides the obvious that the mortgage lender requires you to have Homeowners Insurance.


1. Insurance covers your personal belongings and protects your liability

  • Not only will homeowners insurance protect you if your belongs get stolen, but it will also
    protect you against people getting injured on your property that you may
    be responsible for.


2. Protection in case there is a Natural Disaster

  • This goes a long way year-round. Whether, it is a snowstorm, fire,
    hurricane, flood, or rainstorm it pays to have protection on your home to
    make sure that you can rebuild.


3. Loss of use of your home

  • If you ever in a predicament where anything causes you to lose use of
    your home, meaning you have to temporarily move out this will help you
    pay for lodging and living expenses.


4. Having insurance can cover more than just your Home

  • Coverage for structures on the property but separate from the dwelling.
    Examples of detached structures include as garages, sheds, fences,
    driveways, patios, pools, and more.


5. Peace of Mind

  • This is so important! Having Homeowners  insurance even if you never have to use it,
    gives the peace of mind that should something happen you won’t be left
    without anything.


There are many more reasons to get homeowners insurance, but we feel these are the top five reasons to
help you understand the importance. The next concern we are sure everyone has is
cost. That is why we recommend you give us a call for the best price around.
Here at Colstan we provide all of our clients with support and care because when you
insure with us you are a part of our family. We Serve New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, North Carolina  

Contact us at Colstan to learn how we can help you with Homeowners Insurance.
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