Salon and Barber Insurance

salon and barber insurance

If you own a salon or barbershop, you already know how seriously your clients take their hair and looks; that’s why you need salon and barber insurance. You probably also know that even if you do the best job possible, you are still open to lawsuits over various issues. You’ve probably heard about it happening to colleagues


Styling and cutting hair is an activity that can have a huge impact on your clients. Quite literally, you hold their self-image in your hands. In today’s very litigious environment, you need to be prepared to deal with lawsuits and resulting liabilities that could otherwise destroy your business.

Salon insurance and barber insurance protects you from general liability in the rare case that a client suffers bodily injury, and it also adds an extra layer of professional liability protection if you are ever accused of negligence. It also provides the right levels of coverage to fully insure your property, providing you with an extra degree of peace of mind.


Salon & barber insurance is an affordable and necessary solution to the insurance needs of your business. It eliminates the unneeded parts of most general insurance policies and simply focuses on those areas that are important to your business.


You may feel that you are already fully protected by your general business insurance policy, but your business is unique. You need a salon and barber insurance policy that protects you from the unique risks posed by your business.