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The Season of Change

The Season of Change

While safe driving is essential throughout the year, following some simple safety tips this Autumn will make you a safer driver.


Alter Driving Habits

Autumn is typically a damp, wet season, having many coolers, rainy or foggy days and nights.

When driving in fog, set your headlights to low beam. This allows the beams of light to point downward, toward the roadway.

As the temperatures cool, frost will often form on the roadway, causing hazardous driving conditions. Bridges and overpasses freeze over more quickly so take special caution by slowing down and breaking gently. Also, be aware that black ice can form on roadways as well.


Adjust for Fewer Hours of Daylight

In the fall, there are fewer hours of daylight. In the earlier evening, it is common to see children outside playing or riding bikes. Neighbors are walking dogs or taking an early evening stroll. In the fading light of dusk, it is more difficult to see them.

Additionally, with children back to school and Halloween just around the corner, always be on the lookout. Slow down and take special care when you see a pedestrian on the road. Just because you see them, doesn’t mean they see you.


Maintain Your Vehicle

Autumn is the perfect time to make sure your vehicle is up to par and ready for the winter season. Replace old windshield wipers and replace or clean dirty headlights for better visibility. Check that your tires are not bald and or have the proper tire pressure. Bald or underinflated tires can make slippery conditions worse. It’s also a great idea to have an emergency safety kit in your vehicle for some added peace of mind.


Additional Fall Safety Tips to Consider

Fall sunrises and sunsets can be blinding when driving. The bright sun often creates a large amount of glare, making it difficult to see. Wearing sunglasses during these times reduces the danger.

Fall is the active breeding time for deer. They’re more likely to run onto the roadway, especially at dusk. If you see a deer cross the road, proceed with caution, as they often travel in groups.