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Towing and Recovering Insurance

If you operate a towing company without property Towing and Recovering insurance, your business and livelihood are at risk. You need to carry three distinct types of insurance to cover all the possible liabilities and damages associated with your business.

Your liability in towing and recovery comes from the vehicles you drive, the cargo you tow and the property you garage. Each of these pose unique risks. You can protect your business from these risks with Towing and Recovering insurance in New York, provided by Colstan Insurance.

At Colstan, our Towing and Recovering insurance products are affordable and essential. Allow yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business and your livelihood are fully protected from the unexpected things that happen in the day-to-day operation of your towing business.
You might think that your general business and auto insurance will cover all the needs of your business, but both on-hook and garage liability present special considerations, all of which are protected with Towing and Recovering insurance.
New York Towing and Recovering insurance is available to any New York business owner who operates a towing service or company. It covers vehicle liability, on-hook cargo liability and garage liability. In short, a Towing and Recovering insurance policy from Colstan Insurance, provides full protection from the point of pickup all the way back to the lot.

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