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Umbrella Insurance


Most people do not know what Umbrella Insurance is. You have Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, and Homeowner’s Insurance, and that seems like everything. However, sometimes our insurance doesn’t cover everything and that is where Umbrella Insurance comes in.


Umbrella Insurance, a.k.a. Excess Liability Insurance

Umbrella Insurance is also known as Excess Liability Insurance. This insurance financially protects you in the event of a lawsuit, or when the limit of your Auto or Homeowner’s Insurance policy has been reached. For instance, your home might face damage that exceeds the limit of your insurance policy, or you might end up in a surprising legal battle where you need coverage.


Umbrella Insurance is relatively inexpensive and it ensures your home and household are fully protected, without any gaps in policies. This is an insurance policy that steps in when other policies are limited in their ability to help.


Colstan works closely with you to determine how much Umbrella coverage you might need, at a price you can afford. Call or submit the form below for a free, no-obligation quote.

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